Jim Zimpel

Jim Zimpel

MFA – Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts (Bard College)
Assistant Professor in Sculpture, Faculty Coordinator - MFA Graduate Program 


Office #126 Haynes

Zimpel’s work constructs factual and imaginary entry points and rituals - they are the means to process, explore and understand things that are actually, or perceived as, inaccessible. A meaningful fishing experience, a trip to a natural wonder, a project built together in the garage shop behind the house. His practice is an attempt to attend to actual and desired familial bonds. It is location, object, or activity. A fire ring, a broken engine, a hug, the forced proximity between two men dictated by the hull of a 14’ fishing boat. It is recollection and recognition, an interpretation of traditions, fiction and history; an exploration of the terms of patrilineal relationships as he understand them.


Untitled (ice Fishing StationAzimuth ZeroBondRangeThree Generation Collaboration (Lazy Susan)Untitled (Lobster)AngleFrom Old ConstraintsCover for three Broken tools

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