2015 Update

The IWCRP has been created to study the use of local, indigenous ceramic materials and to advance sustainable, efficient practices in the ceramic arts. We explore native materials applications in a broader scientific context and question how indigenous unique materials contribute to the identity of artwork produced in a specific locality.


Lewistown Claydig

Ernest Forward (MSU MFA alum), Trevor Douglas (Former MSU Prof, now at University of Indiana, Bloomington) , and Dave Peters (MSU MFA Alum) digging wild clay in the Lewistown area. 


Equipment/Space Acquired

            Hammer Mill

            Ball Mill

            Storage shed


2014 Wild Clay Materials Inventory

            Trail Creek                             Spanish Creek                       Diorite

            Lewistown Pink                     Cardwell                                 M2

            Bear Canyon                         Scotts Res                             Basin Creek

            Dyce Creek                           Pipestone White                    Armington Jct