The Master of Fine Arts is a project based, non-media specific curriculum that focuses on individual artistic development and creative leadership. The program brings together talented individuals from a variety of different media building a community that fosters exploration, professionalism and creative success.

Each semester students develop, propose and execute projects; the development and iteration of these projects is a creative act in itself and a core concept of the program. The goal is twofold, to center the graduate experience in the conceptual and production processes of sophisticated art making, and to graduate individuals who are capable of successfully developing, organizing and executing complex artistic/entrepreneurial endeavors.  Projects based in all traditional fine art media along with environmental art, new media and installation can be accommodated.

The School of Art offers state of the art facilities for intensive graduate study. The 6000 square ft. Melvin Graduate Studios provides spacious light-filled studios with mountain views and a large gallery for student exhibitions. With a working kitchen, and 12 semi-private studios, you will feel right at home.  Students have the space to work on large wall works or enjoy the ample floor space for 3-D art making. The facility includes a wood shop with a band saw, table saw, and drill press as well as electric, gas, and woodfired kilns for ceramics. The Graduate Art Studio also provides Wi-Fi Internet access.



The MFA Program is highly competitive and accepts a limited number of students each year. The Faculty meets as a group to view portfolios, assess compatibility and look for achievements within the artists’ field of work.

All supporting materials, besides transcripts, must be electronically submitted by Feb. 15th for full consideration.

A list of required materials are: 

Application.  The application is available online for a non-refundable application fee of $70 please go to the Graduate School site. The School of Art does not accept paper applications, only the electronic version.

Any application which is received after the deadline will be considered on a case by case basis.

Current Resume/CV.

Artist Statement. Prepare an artist statement addressing your work, including what you see as your major issues. The statement should intend to explain, justify, extend, and/or contextualize your own body of work. It should place or attempt to place the work in relationship to art history, critical theory, and the contemporary art world; it is therefore didactic, descriptive, or reflective in nature. Further, the statement shows that you are conscious of your intentions, aware of your practice and its position within art parameters and of the discourse surrounding it. Therefore, not only should it describe and place, but it should indicate the level of your own comprehension of the field and making. Consider this paper to be a comprehensive and serious statement of your work to date, and it will be seen as part of your total presentation during the application review process. The statement is not optional.

Image/Art Portfolio. Please upload one single PDF with up to twenty images representative of your most current work. Admission to the MFA program is highly competitive and consideration by the faculty of the quality of your work (as represented by images of good quality) is a very important factor. 

Official Transcripts. You will not need to provide transcripts for credits prior to obtaining your undergraduate degree, if those credits and grades appear on the undergraduate transcript. Official transcripts can be sent electronically to or by mail to: MSU, School of Art, 213 Haynes Hall, P.O. Box 173680, Bozeman MT 59717. Please let us know you are applying to the MFA program before sending transcripts, so we know to expect the documents.  Unoffical transcripts may be uploaded by the applicant during the application process and the application will be reviewed, however no official action can be taken until official copies are received. Undergraduate alumni of MSU-Bozeman do not need to submit official MSU transcripts, however uploading unofficial transcripts during the application process is helpful.

Three (3) Professional References. During this online process, you will be asked to provide information about your references. This electronic process will prompt each reference to submit a signed reference letter and complete a recommendation form. The required letters should address your capacity and ability to pursue a graduate program.

Personal Statement or additional supporting materials – optional.

International students. In addition to the above, international applicants will be required to submit a variety of additional documentation including English proficiency scores. Please see the International application process page for further information.


NOTE: If you are not a Montana resident, you may be eligible for 150% of in-state tuition under the WRGP-WICHE program. The receipt of a WRGP tuition change is not automatic and is subject to an additional review by the Graduate School and the College of Arts & Architecture. If you would like to be nominated to receive one of these limited spots, please request consideration on the bottom of page 7 (check box) of the online application. Then on page 8 upload a brief memo explaining why you feel you should be nominated. If awarded, you will be notified at the time of admission.

If you have any further questions, please contact the MFA Coordinator, Rollin Beamish, at Or if you would like some general information about Graduate School please fill out the inquiry form here.

Graduate Students

 Tiana Godfrey | BFA and BA - Utah State University |3rd year

Sun burst in a subdivision. oil paint on wood panelpainting of a child and some plants. oil paint on wood panelsilhouette of a person in a body of water. oil paint on wood panelneighborhood sidewalk post rainstorm with a rainbow in the sky. oil paint on wood paneltree's bent over in a snow field. oil paint on wood panel

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Kristen Hedge | BS-University of Wisconsin Stout, AA-Northeast Wisconsin Technical College | 3rd year

Artwork by Kristen HedgeArtwork by Kristen HedgeArtwork by Kristen HedgeArtwork by Kristen HedgeArtwork by Kristen HedgeArtwork by Kristen HedgeArtwork by Kristen HedgeArtwork by Kristen HedgeArtwork by Kristen Hedge

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Morgan Kemp | BS from Texas Tech University| 3rd year

Snake on green ceramic Sharks printed on wooden surfboard wave patterns on the back of the wooden surfboard with sharks leaves on green plastic - found objects/printmaking Knot of green rope accented with a yellow/orange smaller rope. Found objects Knot of green rope accented with yellow rope. Found Object

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Nick Krause |BFA Massachusetts College of Art and Design| 3rd year

Mixed Media work

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Russ Brausch |BFA from Creighton University| 2nd year

person watches smoke rising in a forest. Oil paint Smoke engulfs a forest. Oil Paint Forest is on fire while smoke surrounds a fire watch tower. Oil Paint Smoke billows over. mountainside. Charcoal Smoke rises on a horizon. Oil Paint Smoke billows over a hillsideHelicopter surrounded by flames in a forest that appears to be burnt  Helicopters battle wildfire, surrounded by smokeMale deer stands surrounded by smoke above a plane battling the forest fire

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Victoria Daily |BFA University of Mississippi| 2nd year

Songbirds on their backs in a line done in oil paintsMale and female wood ducks flying on a background of foliage with a yellow warbler  blue birds in flight surrounded by flowers. Done in oil paint Buffalo standing in a field of native wildflowers. Done in oil paints.Two male Redhead Ducks in flight. Done in oil paint

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Rachel Ingle|| 2nd year

Etching of person amongst trees with text "here for a long time not a good time" Person with field hockey gear outdoors surrounded by mystical creatures. Etching Etching of various flowers and other plants.

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Jacob Krieger || 2nd year

Brown and red ceramic Tea Pot with flared handle blue and brown ceramic bowls surrounded by snowsmall jar in front of very tall jars rows of ceramic mugs golden brown ceramic tea pot with matching cup on its side to show the lighter colored inside

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