Glaze Testing

Pictured are examples of glaze testing done on wild Montana clay.

            Grant Funded Projects

                        Korea/China Research Expedition resulting in Korean Celadon School Exchange (S&C)

                        Medicine Hat Residency - contact established with Plainsman Clay (M2) (S&C)

                        Montana Clay Collection Project (Block) 

                        Japan Research Travel and Residency (S&C)


 tasting clay grit

Now MSU BFA alumnus Patrick Broom tastes clay grit during one of the Wild Clay digs.         

            Graduate Research

                        David Peters - Wood Fire Kiln

                        Chad Carrignan - Claybody Research                      


            Undergraduate Research

                        Andy Marshall - refractory, burner design

                        Ben Babcock – Korean/Montana Celadon

                        Nick Danielson – Noxious Weed Ash Glazes-publication

                        Joe Geil – Native Clays, vegetable oil burners- publication

                        Abigail Flanagan - Noxious Weed/Native Clay Paper making

                        Joe Geil, Ben Babcock - Korean Celadon School Exchange



                      Mountains and Minds

                      Studio Potter

                      Sustainable Ceramics