Students interested in pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree majoring in Studio Arts at MSU must declare a major focus area and submit a portfolio for review by area faculty. This portfolio must be approved for area entry before students may enroll in advanced studies in their chosen focus discipline, including pre-thesis, and thesis credits, which are required components of the BFA Studio Arts option.  Major focus areas include: Ceramics, Metals, Painting/Drawing, Printmaking, and Sculpture. Mixed options (i.e. Printmaking/Sculpture) are also possible, but students should seek advice on a plan of study with studio faculty to approve studio course requirements and electives to ensure that all degree requirements are fulfilled.

Portfolio Requirements

TEN works in digital form which must be submitted electronically.  Students must submit a selection of ten works which they feel demonstrate their best efforts to date in creating artwork. The works selected may (and very likely will) be from completed coursework or can be selected from students' independent efforts outside of coursework.  Attention should be given to structuring the portfolio to indicate an interest in research and development in the particular area to which the student is applying. Again all work must be submitted electronically via the link below.

Written Statement

Students must submit a written statement (typed, 300 word maximum) articulating why they are interested in pursuing their chosen discipline(s) and in what ways they are interested in developing their artwork, both in terms of physical production as well as conceptual research.  This will be submitted electronically with the images as well. 

Curricular Requirements

Students must complete all studio foundations courses (ARTZ 105, 109 and 110), and be currently enrolled in or have completed the 200-level introductory course of the discipline(s) they are interested in pursuing before being eligible for portfolio submission.

Portfolio Suggestions and Submission Instructions

Editing a portfolio of your work for an application is an essential aspect of any art career. Portfolios are required components of virtually every application process in the arts, including professional positions (teaching, technical, creative industries, etc.), artist residencies, submission calls for exhibitions, and commissions. For this reason, we require that you present your work in a consistent and professional manner. When determining what to include, take into consideration not only the usual aesthetics, but also the conceptual, ideological, or visceral interests of your work: how does the portfolio demonstrate who you are and the depth and breadth of your research and investigation? Although it is not required, it is strongly advised that you meet with area faculty (any or all) to consult with them about portfolio selections and submissions. They can assist you in the formulation and refinement of your portfolio.

Make sure you label your work, images and folder for submission.  No digital portfolio will be accepted without the application form, submitted via DocuSign.   


To complete  your application please start here - BFA Studio Arts Portfolio Application


For portfolio submission please use this link -BFA Portfolio Submission. Your portfolio folder should be titled with your first name, last name and area you are applying to (i.e. JoeSmithCeramics) and must contain your statement, appliation and 10 images of relevant work.  If you are submitting for multiple areas, you will need to create a separate application folder and upload it to each area. 


Submission deadlines are November 1st for the fall semster and April 1st for the spring smester.  Please no submission more than a month earlier than the above deadlines.