Registration FAQ

See the Pre-Registration instructions for MART 122, ARTZ, & GDSN courses.

For all other classes, register via CatCourse.

  • ...I have university-level coursework through dual enrollment?
    • Enroll yourself in the next course in the sequence.
  • ...I have university-level coursework by virtue of an AP exam?
    • Enroll yourself in the next course. If you have not yet received, or your AP records have not been processed by MSU, your advisor will have to register you. 
  • ...I have not taken any language in the past?
    • Enroll yourself. 
    • For Spanish, email Brenda at with the section you would like, and she will enroll you.  
  • ...I took language in high school?
  • All paperwork for registration of the following classes is processed electronically through DocuSign. 

    • ARTZ 399* – Pre-Thesis for BFA Studio Arts                         

    • ARTZ 499R* – Thesis for BFA Studio Arts

    • ARTH 499R – Thesis for Art History                                       

    • ARTH 492 – Individual Problems for Art History Majors and Minors

    • GDSN 498 * – Internship                                                         

    • GDSN 492* – Guided Research

      *Junior standing, completion of a portfolio review.  

  • Go to Registration Contracts - to start the process.  
  • CatCourse is Montana State University's registration software. It is  designed to ensure students get the classes they need with their preferred schedule.  A student identifies the courses they wish to take and CatCourse provides all possible schedules OR identifies where conflicts occur that prevent all classes being taken in the same semester. 

  • CatCourse Instructions

Pre-Registration happens before regular registration. Instead of using CatCourse, certain classes need to be registered by the School of Art's Advisor Mandi McCarthy-Rogers. This event takes place in the form of  an email on specific days and specific times, depending on your class rank.

For more information see the Pre-Registration instructions.

For general registration questions, reach out to the School of Art front desk either in person on the second floor of Haynes Hall, by phone (406) 994-4501, or by email at

For advising questions, make an appointment with Mandi McCarthy-Rogers at