Registration FAQs

See the Pre-Registration instructions for MART 122, ARTZ, & GDSN courses.

For all other classes, register via CatCourse.

  • ...I have university-level coursework through dual enrollment?
    • Enroll yourself in the next course in the sequence.
  • ...I have university-level coursework by virtue of an AP exam?
    • Enroll yourself in the next course. If you have not yet received, or your AP records have not been processed by MSU, your advisor will have to register you. 
  • ...I have not taken any language in the past?
    • Enroll yourself. 
    • For Spanish, email Brenda at with the section you would like, and she will enroll you.  
  • ...I took language in high school?
  • All paperwork for registration of the following classes is processed electronically through DocuSign. 

    • ARTZ 399* – Pre-Thesis for BFA Studio Arts                         

    • ARTZ 499R* – Thesis for BFA Studio Arts

    • ARTH 499R – Thesis for Art History                                       

    • ARTH 492 – Individual Problems for Art History Majors and Minors

    • GDSN 498 * – Internship                                                         

    • GDSN 492* – Guided Research

      *Junior standing, completion of a portfolio review.  

  • Go to Registration Contracts - to start the process.  
  • CatCourse is Montana State University's registration software. It is  designed to ensure students get the classes they need with their preferred schedule.  A student identifies the courses they wish to take and CatCourse provides all possible schedules OR identifies where conflicts occur that prevent all classes being taken in the same semester. 

  • CatCourse Instructions

Pre-Registration happens before regular registration. Instead of using CatCourse, certain classes need to be registered by the School of Art's Advisor Mandi McCarthy-Rogers. This event takes place in the form of  an email on specific days and specific times, depending on your class rank.

For more information see the Pre-Registration instructions.

Spring 2023 Pre-Registration for ARTZ, and GDSN courses is October 21,2022. 

Seniors email courses starting at 7 am.

Juniors email courses starting a 9 am.

Sophomores email courses starting at 12pm.

Freshmen email courses starting at 2pm.

 In order to register in CatCourse, you must have your “Alternate PIN” (often referred to as the “Advisor PIN”), and it changes every semester.  As an art major, you will find your PIN in the notes of your DegreeWorks about 2-3 weeks before registration starts for the next semester.

For general registration questions, reach out to the School of Art front desk either in person on the second floor of Haynes Hall, by phone (406) 994-4501, or by email at

For advising questions, make an appointment with Mandi McCarthy-Rogers at: