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Exhibition Call for Entry

Montana State University's School of Art and The Emerson Center for the Arts presents the MSU Metalsmithing 50th Anniversary Exhibition. Alumni of the MSU Metalsmithing program are invited to submit one work of art to this exhibition.

Over the past 50 years, hundreds of students have spent countless hours in MSU’s metalsmithing studio learning, creating, and growing as artists. To celebrate this history, MSU metalsmithing alumni are invited to submit one work of art that reflects their ongoing interest in metalsmithing. The exhibition intends to highlight and reunite the five decades of students that brought 228 Haynes Hall to life over the years; an opportunity to bond over our passion for metalsmithing and inspire one another, once again.

The exhibition will take place in The Emerson’s Jessie Wilber Gallery from September 2nd through November 22nd. To participate, please email the information below by August 2nd. Artwork needs to be delivered to the Emerson before September 1st. All artwork will be insured by The Emerson Center for Arts and Culture.



Please include the following in one PDF and email to metalsmithing@montana.edu by August 2nd, 2024:

  • Images of up to 3 works of art
  • Title, year created, and materials for each work
  • Value of each work
  • Artist statement (optional)
  • 3 - 5 sentences about your experience as a metalsmithing student at MSU’s School of Art


To participate, email details by August 2nd at 12pm MST

Artwork must be shipped or delivered to the Emerson by September 1st