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Printmaking at MSU

The printmaking studio is divided into the following processes: relief, intaglio, lithography, serigraphy, and photo printmaking. In addition to these areas there is a darkroom and specially equipped acid and screen washing rooms. The area contains both traditional and the most modern printmaking equipment. The MFA program accepts students in this discipline.

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Silkscreen, litho and fabric by Jane Herzog, 2018Print installation by Brittany Pratt, 2019Print installation by Hilary Honadel, 2018Print installation by Ashley GangleDrawing on litho stones Etching with chine colle by Kali Vine, 2019Etching and aquatint by Ophelia Easton, 2019Inking plates in the intaglio area Woodcut by Ian Baldwin, 2018Working in the studio Students at work for the t-shirt printing fundraiser Etching and aquatint by Mckinzie Emmett, 2019The Itinerant Printmaker visited Viscosity print demo Neal Ambrose Smith and Jaune Quick-to-See Smith, 2019Students workingStudent artworkStudent artworkExhibit of students' printmaking artworkStudent artworkStudent artworkStudent artworkStudent artworkStudent artworkStudent artwork

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