1. Do you know what you need to take?


YES. Proceed to Step 2. 

NO. -- Make an appointment with your advisor, aka Mandi, to figure it out AND look at your DegreeWorks before meeting. 

2. Look at schedule of classes using MyInfo. 


  • Schedule of Classes
  • Find CRN Here
  • Choose subject list for art class type:
    • ARTZ - Studio
    • GDSN - Graphic Design
    • ARTH - Art History
    • Special Art Registration - separate instructions apply
      my info crn info

      crn and stuff

3. Register for Art Courses  

Registration for art courses (ARTZ and GDSN only) will be held via email October 26th and 27th, 2020. 

Monday October 26th:                                                                             Tuesday October 27th: 

Seniors (8 am)                                                                                               Sophomores (8 am)

Juniors (1 pm)                                                                                                Freshmen (1 pm)

reg time

Only declared art majors and minors can register during this time. 

Your registration day and time is determined by your total earned credits. In-progress coursework is NOT included. You can find your ranking in DegreeWorks.



4. Register for other classes. 


For Core, Art History (ARTH), MART 145RA, and PHOT 113* register via CatCourse. You will need your registration PIN that is located in the "Notes" section of DegreeWorks.


*Make sure to choose a section open to non-majors.