Tuition & Fees (Per Semester):

Resident Tuition: $3,863.00

Non-Resident Tuition: $14,802.00

Travel Fee: $7,150.00 (+ $850.00 non-refundable fee) = $8,000.00

Registration Fee: $30.00

Computer Fee: $43.80

Distributed Learning Fee: 540.00

Art Program Fee: $182.00

Total for Resident: $12,658.80

Total for Non-Resident: $23,597.80

*Tutition and Fees may change slightly from year to year, up to date information will be given at mandatory meetings.   

What Your Travel Fees Pay For:

All lodging, ground and air transportation in Italy related to student participation in coursework, all museum and site admissions related to coursework, and some meals. All lodging is pre-arranged, and all accommodations are from two-to four-students per room, depending on location. For the art history portion, which is travel-heavy, students are housed in a hotel with breakfast included. For most of the studio portions, students may shop for food in neighborhood markets and prepare their own meals because they are housed in apartments equipped with areas for food prep, cooking and storage. For the one-week ceramic workshop at La Meridiana, meals are included in the student travel and housing fee.

What Your Travel Fees Do Not Pay For:

Your Round-trip airfare to Italy, any travel you do on your own including Spring Break, extra group excursions not planned for originally, and meals besides breakfast in hotels, besides those belonging to  pre-arranged boarding agreements (See La Meridiana, above), and when students are housed in apartments with kitchens.

Financial Aid:

In many cases financial aid will cover some of the expenses of your travel abroad. File for financial aid immediately for spring semester. Turn in your Study Abroad Budget and Study Abroad Agreement to the Financial Aid office. The sooner you apply, the sooner you will know how much of your expenses will be covered. For scholarship opportunities, will know how much of your expenses will be covered. For scholarship opportunities check International Scholarships on the web. The School of Art offers two $1,000.00 scholarships for students who have committed to the trip.