Below are responses from study abroad students when asked the question: 

"What did you take away from this experience? "


"Traveling as an artist is extremely important. My work is forever changed."
"I feel more comfortable in my skin, in my art, with my peers. This was the most amazing experience and i will cherish these memories forever."
"I learned patience and tolerance while working with a small group of people and being with those same people for almost 4 months. It's hard. You'll cry. You'll want to scream. But in the end, you love every single person on the trip, and you'll want to continue a relationship with each person outside of Italy."
"The opportunity to live with professors and always being able to talk to them. Growing confidence as an artist. Friendships. Memories. A sense of direction in life."
"Living out of a backpack really showed me that I don't need all the junk I have at home. I learned a lot more having Italy be my textbook, and I have gained some really great friendships."
"So much. I loved learning Italian. I loved seeing some of my favorite art works in person. I loved learning how to navigate via public transportation. I made new friends and learned a ton about myself. I am more confident, more open minded, and more self-driven in my studies thanks to this trip! I learned how to get along with all sorts of different people. I could go on for a while about everything I've learned!"
"I know myself better than ever, I made amazing friends, know the culture and history, and my work was very influenced."
"So much. I'm so glad I went."
"Too many amazing memories, new friendships, personal growth, and an appreciation for different cultures and travel."
"Confidence. Awareness of how truly big this world is and also how small it really is. There is so much more than just Montana and there is a world of opportunities and ways of doing things and living that we don't even know about. It's amazing. This trip changed how I see the world and myself in it."
"A lot of inspiration (art-related and otherwise), wonderful memories, a better understanding of who I am and what I want out of life, and an openness and desire to travel that I didn't have before."
"To say "yes" and like/work with people you thought you never would enjoy."